Death Robo Call

I am fascinated by meta-programming and/or “fake metaprogramming”. I wanted to take away the choice of someone calling a number. I want it to call you. Also, similar to a Tamagotchi (or some other digital pet), I wanted to attempt to create some emotions around a non-organic lifeform and the chance to “care” for it. Whenever we think of a robodialer, we always think of advertising, but what if it delivered art straight to our phones?

The Text:
Texas 2014 death row inmates’ last statements.

A Call to Say ‘Goodbye’:
1. A robot calls you.
2. If the user answers, and enters the next number for the bot to call, nothing happens to the health of the robot, but it will call the next number for help in a few minutes.
3. If the user does not answer, the audio file gets degraded by 10%, and the call is repeated later to the same number. (call for help)
4. After the audio file is degraded 100%, the file deletes itself and the robot is dead.

When I “birth” a bot/life:

Every 10 minutes, a cron script runs on the server:
–checks the health of the robot in the database
–checks the numbers database for the current number to call
–makes the call for help

Before the call:
–if the last callee didn’t answer, repeat the call to that number
–degrade the audio for each of the non-answers
–Check the health of the bot, which dimishes with each non-answer
–If the Health of the bot is 0, don’t generate anymore calls.

In the call:
–playback the current audio
–prompt for a user to enter a new number for the dying robot to call.
–if given, add that number to the top of the call database
–If the user hangs up before the prompt, diminish the health of the bot.